Simplify your Marketing Management:

ZOOM is the diversely functional Whitley Plus proprietary Marketing Management Platform. As a leading Marketing Management Platform, Zoom can help your company better manufacture, manage and distribute its various marketing components or products. Zoom hosts more than 10,000 products and completes over 50,000 orders a year—all through a centralized application.

Consolidate Your Marketing & Distribution

Our marketing management platform can assist you in the consolidation of your marketing, creative, and distribution processes. ZOOM also offers incredibly sophisticated reporting and tracking capabilities, which can dramatically enhance efficiency and control costs. Because ZOOM is fully integrated with all major shippers, you and your customers are able to get real-time information on shipments anywhere, anytime.

Create A Personalized Storefront

Zoom allows you to provide your employees, clients or partners with a friendly web based application where they can access, personalize and order your marketing materials. Each ZOOM storefront is a micro eCommerce site. If you’ve ever shopped online, you’re already familiar with how it works!

Once implemented, you can use ZOOM’s online personalization engine to change corporate messaging and brand elements on marketing pieces instantly. Your sales teams, affiliates and partners across the nation can quickly order finished marketing products or create customized marketing materials on demand! Permissions may be controlled so only specific users can access content, modify it, or approve it.

Why Choose ZOOM?

ZOOM can help your company intelligently control and distribute all of your marketing goods which are managed through a automated marketing process through a centralized location, ultimately improving the bottom line.

ZOOM’s ability to integrate with multiple technologies is a critical advantage. ZOOM can interact with nearly any third party application including Intranets, ERP, CRM, Inventory, Procurement, Vendor Applications, and other proprietary systems. The result is a completely transparent solution with superior reporting capabilities, so you can have the clearest insight into how your corporate marketing resources are being consumed and optimized.

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    Rather than ordering high-quantities of your commonly used print collateral, you can now order them in batches.

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    Increased Personalization

    Adjust your message for seasonality, and using variables from your database, you can personalize each piece, increasing relevancy and response rates.

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    Our storefronts make ordering as efficient as possible, saving you time and money.

Supplying Your Demand.

We’re more than print. We’re #printplus! Check out our other services and features.


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    Direct Marketing

    Increase your conversion rate! Create a strong impression on your clients with a personalized gift or by offering promotional items

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    Fulfillment Solutions

    Our warehousing, manufacturing, and other fulfillment services means your entire supply chain is done in-house and stays under one roof.

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    Commercial Printing

    We'll make sure we've got both the look and the feel of your order right using a consolidated printing process that ensures timeliness and expediency.

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    Promotional Items

    From custom t-shirts to custom koozies, Whitley Plus has got you covered on personalized promotional products and marketing materials!